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To be released 18th December 2022

True to the identity of the band, TORA (Aromanian word for now) transcends time and space in a multicultural, stylistically coherent melting pot, bringing together field-holler and doina, spirituals and ritual songs, outlaw ballads and prison work songs, gospel, slave shouts, love and sorrow tunes, in the Vlach dialects Aromanian, Megleno-Romanian, Istro-Romanian and Daco- Romanian alongside the African-American vernacular. A contemporary reinterpretation, organically integrating the richness of traditional singing styles, of music not created for entertainment purposes, from the then into the now.

A chant of worlds - a blend of blues and songs with a drawl

April 2019

Released in 2019, during the first months of existence of the GRAIU project, at the time under the artist name of its initiator Alina Ciolcă, in musician & musicologist Gabriel Petric’s words, „in this state of ethnic-musical fusion, the African-American folk music is joined in the most natural manner with the Romanian folk music North and South of the Danube. This is reaching towards the profound state of the archetype, transfiguring that primordial state of spirit in which people pour their souls out or sing their sorrows under any region-specific stylistic umbrella. The album’s unity does not hinder the specific ethnic nuances. This music unifies without uniformizing and diversifies without fragmenting.” (Gabriel Petric, Arta sunetelor music review, november 2019)